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March 8, 2013
Bangkok - I arrived in the amazing country Thailand. Thailand has lots of islands with amazing beaches! The food is superb and has a rich culture! Thailand has hundreds of of temples and religious artifacts. Thailand dates back for centuries. Thailand means the land of thai or humans. Bangkok is a amazing city with so much things to do. This city is also known as the "city of angels". This city is the largest in all of Thailand. Attractions for travelers are at every corner in this city. The temples in the center of the town and is worth visiting. I admired the intricate ways in which the temples were built. The most famous and largest statue is The Reclining Buddha. The Pucket old town festival is a special event that takes place with in the city along with the vegitarian festival. These festivals have taken place since 1825 and have many attractions and sights to see. The people of Thailand proceed with diets and fasts. Many sacrifice animals in this festival, and the city is decorated with flags and markets have many different items.

March 10, 3013
Phucket - I arrived at Phucket in Thailand. This is a beautiful island with many different places to see and to experience. Phucket is an island province of Thailand. This island is one of the most popular tourist attractions. The provincial capital is Phucket City. There are three beaches on Phucket: Kata Beach, Patong Beach and also Katon Beach. The water around Kata beach is kind of dangerous for swimming because of the high tides. Scuba diving with in the beaches are another attraction of this island and the sights are amazing. This is a once in a lifetime experience and is worth ever penny and moment of time. The weather here is very tropical and is hot and humid. These conditions stay year-round. During the days are around 32 degrees C. At nights are about 25 degrees C. There is only a few degrees difference in most month. The humidity is mostly around 80% or more! Drinking plenty of water is essential when going to the islands! Although the humidity is almost unbearable at times, I would not have traded these experiences for anything!

  • March 19, 2013

Chiang Maii - I then traveled to the city of Chaing Maii. Its a beautiful city with many things to see and many things to enjoy. Chiang Maii is the largest city in the Northern Thailand region. Its about 700 kilometers north of Bangkok. Chiang Maii is such a great place to take some days off from the stress of your normal life. Elephants within Chiang Maii are great to see. One of the cities greatest attractions is the elephant nature park.You can ride the elephants at this park and its a really great and and amazing experience. I had loads of fun traveling the city with different sights to see. Everything was so great and the people were fun. I would not trade this experience for the world and it was unforgettable. The Markets were really fun as well. They had various goods and and also statues. Traditional Clothing and different foods are here and its so fun to see the different things.

  • March 20, 2013

Mae Hong Son - After I went to Chiang Mai which was such an amazing experience I then went to Mae Hong Son which is a province that lies north west of Chiang Mai. Its rugged with green beautiful mountains that also borders Burma. In the past it was known as The Siberia of Thailand. This is because its far location within the wilderness and the backwaters of the country. The population calls themselves Tai Yai which is an ethnic minority which originated from Southern China. The influence can be seen in the architecture, food and the traditional cloths. Also the temples in Thailand are much more different than any others in the whole country. The night life in this city is great and should be experienced by all who come to Thailand. It was a really good trip and already want to plan another one to enjoy this great city and the nice culture and sights.

  • March 22, 2013

Krabi - After my trip to Mae Hong Son which was a great experience and so much fun I then Went To Krabi. Krabi is a small province in south Thailand that offers visitors great sights to see and to enjoy. Many of the people in thailand are very kind and this city tops this list for that. The great beaches and beautiful scenery was a must when traveling through thailand. Although I did not spend as much time as I wanted to, it was a good experience. The sights an attractions here go from the beautiful beaches with amazing scenery to rock climbing. They have schools here to teach you to rock clim and its a real good experience. Boat cruises are another great thing to do here. Although I personally enjoyed the night markets most of all. With artist performing to different shops for food and clothes. Its was a fun trip over all.

  • March 23,2013

Hat Yai - After I went to Krabi and enjoyed the night markets and the boat cruises I then went to the city of Hat Yai. This is a city in southern Thailand near the boarder of of Malaysian. The city of Hat Yai has a population of 157,359. Hat Yai is the largest city of Songkhla province. Hat Yai is well known for its shopping attractions. I had a great time going through the stores and markets. There was not much to see in this city though it has great views and nice markets and people. There was nothing like this experience and I enjoyed Hat Yai very much. The city has two of the largest weekend markets mainly with asian traditions. Selling clothes, and food products. It was a great experience although the city itself was very small.

  • March 24, 2013

Songkhla - When I went to Hat Yai I then traveled to the Songkhla province in southern Thailand. The population here is only about 75,000 people and also is another small city too. The Views of the Singgora mountains were really great. The small neighborhoods with the big Songkhla lake in the gulf of Thailand was another experience to be remembered. I Songhla has a tropical monsoon climate and the temperature here was very warm!This city has small parks and markets hidden at every corner and you need to keep your eyes open in order to see the greatest parts of this city. There was not much to see or to do in this city for tourists, but non the less it was very fun to go here and to see the local people.

  • March 25, 2013

Nakhon Ratchasmia - After I traveled to the small cities of Songkhla and Hat Yai I then wanted to see the bigger cities of Thailand. I found the city of Nakhon Ratchasima. This is a city that is located near the northeast of Thailand. The city is commonly known as Korat which is a short version of the cities name.The city has railways to travel to the best parts of Korat. The Best Places to go here is the Korat Zoo and the Thao Suranaree Monument which was under renovation when I went to see it. The Korat air force base was another great sight that I had seen also. This air force base was used by the United States Air Force during the Vietnam War. The shopping here is great to. Also seeing the markets and other attractions kept me going back to them. The Local markets were the bests parts of traveling here because its all intended for the tourists.

  • March 27, 2013

Ubon Ratchathani - This is a city on the Mun River. The city is located on the south-east of the Isan region of Thailand. Ubon is best known for its annual Candle Festival. This festival is held in July to mark the beginning of the rainy season retreat for Buddhists. At the day before the actual festival candles are taken to Thung Si Mueang which is a park in the center of the city. It is then decorated and exhibited in the evenings. This was a great experience and will never forget this festival for the great atmosphere and good people. The city is also known for the strong Buddhist tradition, particularly the monks. With lots of Buddhist forest monastery that has been established by Venerable Achan Chah Subhaddo in 1954. They teach the ways of the Buddhist and also many foreigners come here to sight see and to appreciate the culture. This was an unforgettable city and I can not wait to see it again sometime. until then I will be reminded to the great experiences here and to appreciate the culture!

Endangered Species:

Siamese Crocodile - The siamese crocodile is a small, freshwater crocodilian which includes alligators and also caimans. The siamese crocodile has a smooth snout and a high bony crest which is behind each eye. The siamese crocodile is one of the most endangered crocodiles in the wild. They are located throughout east asia but are now extinct in most countries except Cambodia.

Saola - The Saola was discovered in 1992, and is considered the greatest animal find within recent times. The Saola is found only in small areas of forests. They are located between Vietman and the Laos. Both male and female saolas have long slender horns that are up to 52 centimeters in length. These horns are thought to protect them from predators. The species is endangered because of habitat loss and hunting and snaring.

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